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10/17 - Save the Date! Mind and Supermind: Jack Canfield, Ph.D., How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go ... No matter what your current goals might be - personal, financial, relational, emotional, spiritual, or philanthropic - there is a proven set of principles and methods, that when applied in the right way, in the right order and at the right time, will get you there. In this highly interactive and engaging presentation, Jack will share a holistic system of success that integrates the power of mindset, meditation, guided visualization, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), purposeful action, the power of feedback, and technique...
10/17 - Save the Date! Dr. David Cumes - Ego, Judgment, and Desirous Attachment -- 10/21 ... The three deadly sins of Karma are 'Ego,' 'Judgment' and 'Desirous Attachment.' 'Ego' is like a chameleon, always changing color and the higher we ascend on the spiritual ladder the more devious the guises can become. 'Judgment' harms not only others but also ourselves and can be replaced with forgiveness. 'Desirous Attachment' is related to the impermanence and the negative consequences of attending to 'needs' as opposed to 'wants.' Discover the various seemingly innocuous ways we can be trapped by these three ego-related sins. Explore the polarities...
10/17 - Save the Date! Shrine of a Lifetime: Create a Mexican Folk Art Nicho -- 10/27 ... Create a Mexican shrine, or nicho, typically associated with the Day of the Dead celebrations. Work with various mixed media such as wood, paper, metal, clay and randomly found objects, while also learning the art of collage. Discover how to create a one of a kind shrine dedicated to and honoring a beloved person, pet, place, or idea. Personalize your nicho by bringing cherished small photos, handwritten notes or your own sacred objects. Your completed nicho will truly be 'art from the heart' that will take on special meaning.
Friday, October 27, 10:00...
10/17 - Save the Date! Art A La Carte -- 10/26 ... A study in painting oils on canvas with brush and palette-knife. Students learn a variety of styles in painting including representational, impressionism, post-impressionism, cubism and abstract expressionism (non-objective and geometric). They will receive both group and individual guidance and complete assignments on a variety of subject matter, including assignments coordinated with local museums. Beginning Oil Painting or other previous oil painting experience recommended.
Thursdays, October 26-November 30 Wake Campus Room 7 ... Presented by: SBCC School of Extended Learning ... Venue...
10/17 - Save the Date! The World of Small Bites: Hors d'oeuvres, Tapas, Meze, Antipasti -- 10/25 ... Enjoying a mouth-watering small bite before dinner or at a cocktail party is a true pleasure that helps sets the tone for the rest of an evening with friends. Through both demonstration and hands-on preparation you will learn to create a variety of appealing small plates with big flavors from France, Spain, Greece, Italy and beyond. Impress your guests with a beautifully-presented spread of interesting dishes that can be made simply. Put your creativity to work, challenge yourself to learn something new, and make your next party a special event...
10/17 - Save the Date! Before You Adopt a Dog -- 10/24 ... Thinking about bringing home a cuddly little puppy or adult dog? Wondering what breed or age, or even where to find your new pet? Don't make this huge decision without some help. We will discuss everything you'll want to consider before making this life-changing addition. Class is taught by certified dog trainer so you will feel confident about what to expect and what to do for each new situation. This 'humans only' class will help adult owners feel confident in their choice and in control of this new member of the household.
Tuesday, October 24, 6:00-7:30 pm Wake Campus, Room 1...
10/17 - Save the Date! Hiking Santa Barbara -- 10/25 ... Are you looking for gentle exercise in beautiful places and with excellent company? If so, join us as we hike the trails, beaches, parks and neighborhoods of Santa Barbara. The hikes are about three miles and fairly level. We move at the relaxed pace, stretching at the beginning and resting halfway to meditate. You will see places you haven't seen in a while and places you have never seen! Can you think of a happier, healthier way to spend a Wednesday morning?
Wednesdays October 25-November 29, 9:30 am-12:00 pm Wake Campus Room 20 ... Presented by: SBCC School of Extended Learning .....
10/17 - Save the Date! Hiking Santa Barbara - Intermediate -- 10/24 ... Mindful hiking can transform consciousness. Enjoy moderate exercise as we hike the exquisite front county trails overlooking Santa Barbara, and develop your diaphragmatic breathing and self-confidence. Our hikes are about three miles with mild elevation gain. We'll stretch at the beginning, move at a steady pace, and rest halfway to meditate. Discover places that you haven't seen in a long time, and discover places that you've never seen. Come away with a renewed relationship with nature and a heightened sense of well-being.
Tuesdays, October 24-November 28, 9:30 am...
10/17 - Save the Date! Harmonica Blues, Getting Started -- 10/23 ... You finally figured it out and you like what you hear. Now take your harmonica playing to the next level. Styling techniques, unique chords, vocalizations and advanced breathing techniques will help you make your harmonica come alive. Crowds will gather and you will become the center of attention. This class may change your life.
Mondays, October 23-November 13, 6:00-9:00 pm Wake Campus Room 15 ... Presented by: SBCC School of Extended Learning ... Venue: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning
10/17 - Save the Date! What's it Worth? -- 10/21 ... What's the value of your inherited or collected fine art, sculpture, folk art, ceramics, sterling silver, modern master prints, important library books, or other fine & decorative art items? Certified ANA Appraiser Alice Karle brings her 20 years of experience to this roadshow style class providing limited scope verbal value estimates for up to two items per student. Bring your sense of wonder, curiosity, and of course your sense of humor.
Saturday, October 21, 1:30-4:30 pm Schott Campus Room 6 ... Presented by: SBCC School of Extended Learning ... Venue: SBCC Center for Lifelong Learn...
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