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2500 dolphins and 8 whales
Posted: 11/10/17
Captain Dave and his crew report a drop-dead gorgeous day in the Santa Barbara Channel with calm seas and exceptionally clear skies. All 4 Channel Islands were visible from the boat. Sightings were also fantastic with 8 humpback whales and at least 2500 long-beaked common dolphins reported.
The first two whales were located after we drifted with a line of dolphins that stretched out over two miles. Great looks were had at the dolphins and the whales consisted of 1 juvenile/small individual and another that was a bit shy. Dave moved the Condor Express from this first location (southwest of Platform Habitat) to The Flats. In The Flats an additional 6 whales were found actively feeding and interacting with one another in a tight area. The six dove together, apparently feeding for 8 minutes or so below the surface, then rose up together. On the surface they appeared to swim into each other, lob their tails and repeatedly slapped their chins. It was a very animated group of humpbacks and fun to see.
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